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Research Assistants

Photo featuring Winter/Spring 2018 CESTA Resident Assistants:

(Front, L-R): Matt Bernstein, Axelle TaIma. (Middle, L-R): Ammar Alqatari, Ashwin Ramaswami, Ohara Yu, Sean Volavong, Tiffany Zhu, Emily Wilson, Claire Francis, Clara Romani, Izzy Ampil, Olivia Ames, Emily Wilder, James Thieu, Emily Elott, Madison Coots. (Back, L-R): Jocelyn Lee, Marissa Gerchick, Lucas Soto, Dylan Bedford, Peter Morgan, Claire Womack, Ricky Xian, Sandro Hall, Victoria Ding, Stephanie Niu, Yibing Du, Kelsey Reardon. Not pictured: Nicholas Burns, Preston Carlson, Julianne Dones, Alijah Futterman, Vincius Garcia, Medina Husakovic, H.B. Klein, Jack Landsberg, Peyton Lepp, Febe Martinez, Diane Morales, Justin Muchnick, Jeongeun Park, Dee Dee Pickard, Clare Tandy, Sarah Thomas, Flora wang, Olivia Witting, Cherie Xu Cathy Yang, Terence Zhao.  Photo credit: Rani Sharma


Undergraduate Research Assistants are at the heart of CESTA's community, working closely with Stanford faculty, staff, and researchers to manage and analyze humanistic and interdisciplinary data. Students are vital collaborators who help develop and formalize research questions, tools, methods, and final products.

Research Assistants engage in all phases of the research process, including data planning, acquisition, archival research, modeling, analysis, visualization, and publication. Though faculty provide the initial research questions and data resources, students are active participants in research design – challenging assumptions, suggesting alternative approaches, and posing new hypotheses.  

Students go on to use the skills they’ve learned in CESTA in their personal, academic, and career pursuits.