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Meet the CESTA Winter 2021 Interns


portrait of intern Pauline Arnaud

Pauline Arnoud

Pauline Arnoud is a freshman with interests in computer science, digital humanities, and symbolic systems. She's working with the Stanford Archaeology Center to analyze the role that women played in the provenance of the museum's objects and she is fascinated by how to synthesize data to visually highlight trends and patterns.

portrait of intern Josie Brody

Josie Brody

Josie is a senior taking a Covid year off majoring in Comparative Literature with minors in Creative Writing and Slavic Languages and Literatures. She is interested in the marginalized voices of women and minorities and to that end she is delighted to be working for Professor Cabrita's Visible Bodies project to negotiate for rights to the works of Regina Twala for the online archive

portrait of intern Lucy Chae

Lucy Chae

Lucy is a freshman planning to major in Classics and Urban Studies with a minor in Digital Humanities. She has a strong interest in mapping and historical preservation and currently is working on an online Stanford Archaeology Center exhibit about the area's history prior to the founding of Stanford. Outside of CESTA, you can find her at Leland Quarterly, Data and Mapping for Society, Stanford Symphony Orchestra, and the Gregorian Society.

portrait of intern Kimmy Chang

Kimmy Chang

Kimmy is a junior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Creative Writing. Kimmy is part of the Land Talk and Urban Ecology of the Pandemic project. Her primary roles include web development for the Land Talk website and creating a dynamic data visualizations application to study the impact of COVID-19 on animal behavior for a research presentation at the 2020 Animal Behavior Society Conference.

portrait of intern Ariana Davarpanah

Ariana Davarpanah

Ariana is a sophomore planning to major in Political Science, with interests in international relations and immigration. Her time working for Life in Quarantine has taught her about the importance of building a historical archive to tell the stories of real people during times of crises.

portrait of intern Cat Gonzales Fergesen

Cat Gonzales Fergesen

Cat is a sophomore studying linguistics and biology (or maybe something else). Cat works with Dr. Laura Patricia Stokes on the Panic and Pandemic project and is passionate about many different types of storytelling, including presentation of historical research through data visualization. Cat has been meeting all kinds of beautiful old books, learning unfortunate words in French and German, and picking up new programming tricks since starting this project.

portrait of intern Joshua Goodwin

Joshua Goodwin

Joshua is a junior majoring in History and Philosophy along the Pre-Law track. He works on the Senegalese Liberations Papers Project. His research involves translating, transcribing, and analyzing a dataset of over 25,000 slave liberations in colonial French West Africa, identifying demographic trends within a period of over 50 years. He hopes to align the dataset’s location information with spatial maps as well as create infometrics and other forms of data visualization for future presentation.

portrait of intern Arushi Gupta

Arushi Gupta

Arushi is a sophomore planning to double major in Urban Studies and Computer Science. She is currently working on the Global Urbanization and its Discontents project, specifically the team exploring privacy bias in Google Street View, where she is learning about computer vision methods and GIS data. In her free time, she enjoys doing crossword puzzles, playing with her dog, and caffeinating.

portrait of intern Natasha Johnson

Natasha Johnson

Natasha is a sophomore pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Art Practice. She is working in the Literary Lab, researching the significance of author-commentor interactions within the fanfiction community. In her free time, she enjoys baking, reading, and songwriting.

portrait of intern Corazon Johnston

Corazón Johnston

Corazón Johnston is a junior majoring in Science, Technology, and Society. Working with the Literary Lab she has learned about the many ways in which one can leverage computational methods to analyze texts. Currently, she's working on the Personhood project that involves examining the many ways a character's personhood is defined and presented in works of literature.

portrait of intern Salma Kamni

Salma Kamni

Salma is a freshman with interests in the digital humanities, urban planning, and extended reality. This quarter, she is working with the George Moses Horton Project to bring storytelling into the world of Virtual Reality. She is excited delve into this space and bring socially-impactful work of a black poet into the continuously changing tech space.

portrait of intern Moe Khalil

Moe Khalil

Moe is an undeclared sophomore with interests in computer science and comparative literature. This winter, he is working with OpenGulf: Historical Texts as Data Project, which involves extracting place names from texts that have to do with the Gulf Region and geolocating them. Moe is also a member of Stanford Men's Rugby.

portrait of intern Hayn Kim

Hayn Kim

Hayn is a sophomore who plans to major in Mathematics and Philosophy. Working on the project "Therapeutic Modernisms," she is exploring the interaction between therapeutic culture and literature in the 20th century while using the essential computational tools for discovering meaningful literary patterns in relevant texts.

portrait of intern Emir Kirdan

Emir Kirdan

Emir Kirdan is a freshman with keen interests in history, digital humanities, anthropology, archeology, and symbolic systems. Last summer, he worked on the Boncuklu Hoyuk Project in the Konya plain of Central Anatolia, excavating the remnants of a 10,000-year-old Neolithic village settlement. Working with the Mapping Ottoman Epirus project, Emir investigates how the Ottoman Imperial regime operated in the vivid regional economies and power-centers in the Balkans, especially Epirus, through big data, spatial and network analysis, visualization, and various other digital methods.

portrait of intern Derin Kutlay

Derin Kutlay

Derin is a freshman, planning to major in "anything goes." She has been (perhaps worryingly) obsessed with the plague and Middle Ages for as long as she can remember and now fittingly works in the England side of the Panic and Pandemic project with Dr. Laura Stokes and Cat Fergesen.

portrait of intern Yonatan Laderman

Yonatan Laderman

Yonatan is a sophomore interested in the intersection between philosophy, literature, and psychology. He is especially intrigued by the implications these disciplines have on the social condition and on society's overarching beliefs. This winter, Yonatan is working with the Poetic Media Lab on a Translation project. He compares different Hebrew translations of Goethe's Faust to investigate the changing relationship between Jewish people and German culture throughout time.

portrait of intern Alaina Lim

Alaina Lim

Alaina is a junior majoring in Math and coterming in Computer Science. She is working on the George M. Horton Project, hoping to share the inspiring life of enslaved poet George Horton and explore the world of VR. Outside of school, Alaina enjoys good music, meditation, and spending time with her dog.

portrait of intern Jade Lintott

Jade Lintott

Jade is a senior majoring in Math and doing a coterm in Theoretical Computer Science. She is working with the Oral History Text Analysis Project on analyzing transcripts of interviews to see when and how American women have talked about sexual assault and harassment beyond just the very recent past. She is also doing research on algorithmic fairness and is a member of Common Origins.

portrait of intern Miranda Liu

Miranda Liu

Miranda is a sophomore interested in studying literature, creative writing, and how to tie both to social change. Miranda is collaborating on new project, Counter-Surveilling the State, where she is helping to develop an ethnosurvey and working on understanding R and text mining. Miranda enjoys storytelling, being in nature, and finding new sources of inspiration.

portrait of intern Alana Mermin-Bunnell

Alana Mermin-Bunnell

Alana is a sophomore passionate about visual art and bioscience. She has been a research assistant for Life in Quarantine: Witnessing Global Pandemic since Spring quarter 2020. Alana helps with interviews, outreach, writing blog posts, and creating graphics for the website and social media.

portrait of intern Rebecca Pattichis

Rebecca Pattichis

Rebecca is an junior majoring in Computer Science with the Artificial Intelligence track. This quarter, she will be working on research that analyzes the migration movements of Colombian populations as it relates to gentrification and state violence. Her general interests include data science and analyzing how data can function as an oppressive system. Outside of this work, Rebecca is a staff member at El Centro Chicano y Latino, and is also a dance company member of Chocolate Heads.

portrait of intern Uma Phatak

Uma Phatak

Uma Phatak is a sophomore planning to major in Computer Science and exploring the minors in Creative Writing and Spanish. She is working with the Poetic Media Lab on the Free Speech, Regulation, and Democracy in the Digital Age project, which focuses on the exciting field of internet speech policy. Outside of CESTA, she is a proud member of Stanford Talisman A Cappella.

portrait of intern Sahir Qureshi

Sahir Qureshi

Sahir is a freshman with interests in mathematical & computational science, public policy, and anthropology. This winter, he is working on the Border Cities team on the Global Urbanization and its Discontents project to uncover patterns in urbanization, industrialization, inequity, and economic upheaval on the border landscape over the past few decades.

portrait of intern Ashwin Ramaswami

Ashwin Ramaswami

Ashwin Ramaswami is a senior majoring in Computer Science. He’s worked on several projects at CESTA, including Computational Border Studies, Poetic Media Lab's Layered Translation, and the Grand Tour Project. In his free time, Ashwin likes to do full-stack website development and mobile app development. He is also interested in ancient Indian philosophy.

portrait of intern Keoni Rodriguez

Keoni Rodriguez

Keoni Rodriguez is a senior majoring in History and double minoring in Earth Systems and Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. This winter, they are working on the Mapping Geographical Knowledge in the Middle East project that is building a decolonial approach to geographic database construction for the Middle East. They are currently aiding in compiling resources to expand the projects theoretical methodologies and English-language geographic sources.

portrait of intern Regina T.H. Ta

Regina T.H. Ta

Regina T.H. Ta is a sophomore with interests in comparative literature, digital humanities, and symbolic systems. Working with the Literary Lab has introduced her to methods for textual analysis, and she is fascinated by the possibility of extracting new stories and patterns from language.

portrait of intern Ryan Tan

Ryan Tan

Ryan is a senior majoring in Computer Science with a double minor in Comparative Literature and Philosophy. On campus, he’s been involved in acting and directing for student theater and is interested in game design. Ryan is collaborating with the Grand Tour project team for a second summer, with the goal of completing the digital publication.

portrait of intern Brooke Tran

Brooke Tran

Brooke is a senior and majoring in Management Science & Engineering. Brooke is collaborating on the project Counter-Surveilling the State. Her role within the project is to build a mapping platform to track ICE raids throughout the U.S. using geospatial data, which will also incorporate ethnographic surveys of undocumented immigrants.

portrait of intern Danny Tse

Danny Tse

Danny Tse is a sophomore double majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science. At CESTA, he is working on OpenGulf, a joint effort between Stanford and NYU Abu Dhabi, utilizing digital tools to map and visualize historical data from the Persian Gulf. Danny is also involved in the Stanford University Mathematics Organization and a member of the Undergraduate Chinese American Association.

portrait of intern Shayana Venukanthan

Shayana Venukanthan

Shayana is a sophomore planning to major in Computer Science and minor in Energy Resources Engineering. As an intern on the Urban Studies and Practice of Theory project led by Professor Quayson, she collects geographical and historical information on the commercial districts and high streets of London in order to understand their significance in the city’s development. She is also a member of Stanford Noopur and CS+Social Good.

portrait of intern Hannah Walton

Hannah Walton

Hannah is a junior, majoring in English and minoring in Human Biology. She is working on website design and archive development for Life in Quarantine: Witnessing Pandemic, a project producing a historical public archive documenting the COVID-19 pandemic. Hannah loves reading, music, and dogs.

portrait of intern Glede Wang

Qixuan "Glede" Wang

Glede is a sophomore from Shenzhen, China, and is pursuing a double major in Gender Studies and Data Science. Glede is primarily organizing and archiving unpublished works from a talented African writer and political activist, Regina Twala, for the Visible Bodies project.

portrait of intern Audrey Ward

Audrey Ward

Audrey is a sophomore, potentially majoring in Product Design and Urban Studies. Audrey researches with the ​Urban Studies Lab​ led by Professor Quayson, investigating the “high streets” and literary representations of New York and London.

portrait of intern Tom Worth

Thomas Worth

Tom is a sophomore interested in mathematical sciences. He is particularly fascinated by networks anywhere they show up, including in historical manuscripts. This quarter he is assisting Prof. Michael Penn with the project "Social Networks in the Early Islamic World," extracting social and geographical network information from a Syrian monastic history text.

portrait of intern Vicky Wu

Vicky Wu

Vicky is a freshman interested in the intersection of computer science and economics. This winter, Vicky is working with the Aftermaths of Enslavement project. Through text mining of records preserved in the VOC archives, she works towards uncovering the rich social and cultural world created by slaves in the Cape colony.

portrait of intern Katie Yoon

Katie Yoon

Katie Yoon is a sophomore and is studying International Relations and Symbolic Systems. Under the guidance of Dr. Bridget Algee-Hewitt, Katie is text mining bias in judicial asylum decisions in addition to investigating the factors contributing to deaths and apprehensions along the U.S.-México border.

portrait of intern Michael Zhu

Michael Zhu

Michael is a freshman planning on studying Economics and Political Science. He is working on the Global Urbanization and its Discontents project, looking at patterns of urbanization in border cities along the Rio Grande. He is excited to contribute to amazing research that tackles issues of displacement, urbanization, and housing vulnerability.