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CESTA Digital Humanities Research Showcase 2023

Fri May 26th 2023, 8:30am - 5:00pm
Wallenberg Hall, 4th floor

Every year, CESTA's Digital Humanities Fellows Program supports graduate students developing humanities research projects that apply computational tools and methods. Attend this day-long showcase to hear directly from this year's cohort about the projects they pursued through the program. Many will present together with the undergraduate students with whom they collaborated. 

In the afternoon, in a dedicated poster session, a selection of students from this year's CESTA Undergraduate Research Internship Program will present their contributions to CESTA faculty research projects. 

The showcase will include lunch and refreshments and take place at the Stanford Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis in Wallenberg 433A. Join us for this day of celebration of CESTA research. 

A Zoom link is available upon request from Center Manager, Jonathan Clark (jclark93 [at] (jclark93[at]stanford[dot]edu)). 


8:30–9:00 AM

Coffee, pastries and welcome

Opening remarks from CESTA Faculty Director Giovanna Ceserani

9:00–10:30 AM

Text Lives: Essence and Narrative in  Archives and Corpora

Introduction and moderation by Will Fenton, with presentations from:

  • Merve Tekgürler, (History) “Ottoman Court Histories in the Long Eighteenth-Century”
  • Valentina Dal Cin (CESTA Postdoc) and Alessandra Rister Portinari Maranca,  “Applying for a Job in Early 19th-Century Europe”
  • Chloé Brault MacKinnon (Comparative Literature) and Clare Chua, “Belatedly Canceled: White N-words of America in the Press”
  • Taranee Cao (East Asian Languages and Cultures), “Examining Linguistic Politeness: Evidence from Discourse”

Followed by Q&A

10:30–10:45 AM Break with light refreshments
10:45–12:15 PM

Ancient World, Modern Methods 

Introduction and moderation by Andrew Patrick Nelson, with presentations from:

  • James Macksoud (Classics) and Abigail Matsumoto, “Organizational Isomorphism among Private Associations in the Roman World”
  • Ümït Öztürk (Classics) and Sophie Wu, “Social Lives of Fiscal Institutions in the Eastern Mediterranean (6th-2nd centuries BCE)”
  • Serena Crosson (Archaeology) and Claudia Sung, “Looking-through-Labor in Pompeian Wall Paintings”
  • Sinead Brennan-McMahon (Classics), “Developing an N-Gram Viewer for the Latin Language”

Followed by Q&A

12:00–1:30 PM Lunch
1:30 - 3:00 PM

Placing Data at Scale

Introduction and moderation by Nicole Coleman, with presentations from:

  • Sunny Persad (Religious Studies) and Molly Graybill, “A Late Ancient Biography of Bones”
  • Kimberley Connor (Anthropology) and Grace Sperber, “From Emigrant to Settler: Food in 19th Century Institutions of Immigration”
  • Sierra Nota (History), “Monetizing Mezhyhirya: Commercial Property Stewardship in the Russian Empire, 1786-1858”

Followed by Q&A

3:00 - 5:00 PM

Poster Session and Reception

3:00-4:00: A selection of posters and presentations about their work on CESTA faculty projects from interns who participated in the Undergraduate Research Internship Program. 

  • Isabel Cai, "Global Medieval Sourcebook" (Global Medieval Sourcebook)
  • Michael Carragee and Enkhjin Munkhbayar, "Making and Unmaking Imperial Space: OpenGulf" (OpenGulf)
  • Christina Cheng, "Slave Liberations in French Colonial Senegal" (Senegalese Liberations Project)
  • Hana Dao and Caroline Wang, "EpicConnect" (EpicConnect)
  • Lily Forman, "Oral History Text Analysis Project" (Oral History Text Analysis Project) [poster only]
  • Shannon Gifford, "Mapping Shared Sacred Sites" (Mapping Shared Sacred Sites)
  • Molly Graybill, "A Late Ancient Biography of Bones"
  • Alessandra Rister Portinari Maranca, "Applying for a Job in Early 19th-Century Europe"
  • Abigail Matsumoto, "Mapping Ancient Roman Associations"
  • Umar Patel, "Natural Language Modeling and Applications in Ottoman Turkish" [poster only]
  • Claudia Sung, "Female Labor Depictions Across Pompeii"
  • Esha Thapa, "Transparency and Raical Equity in the United States Workforce" [poster only]
  • Andy Wang, "Co-Design and Co-Creativity in Digital Music Spaces (Considering Disability in Online Cultural Experiences) [poster only]
  • Tracy Wei, "Visualizing Data About the Militarization of Police (Know Systemic Racism)
  • Katherine Wong, "Analyzing Triadic Sonorities in Renaissance Music" (Josquin Research Project)
  • Sophie Wu, "From Historical Texts to Modern Data"

4:00-5:00: A celebration of the work done at CESTA this year.­­­­­