Digital Humanities Research Symposium

Fri May 28th 2021, 12:00pm
Online via Zoom
Digital Humanities Research Symposium

The CESTA Digital Humanities Research Showcase will feature presentations by CESTA's Digital Humanities Graduate Fellows and Undergraduate Research Interns.

Panel I: 11 am
Stefania Manfio (Anthropology) with Lulabel Ruiz-Seitz: "Maritime Heritage in Mauritius"
Lakmali Jayasinghe (Comparative Literature) with Lucy Chae: "Visa Tweets: A Discourse Analysis"
Anna Mukamal (English) with Hayn Kim: "Therapeutic Modernisms"
Charlotte Lindemann (English) with Leah Chase: "Speech Patterns in American Fiction"

Presentation of Digital Humanities Graduate Certificates: 11:55 am

Panel II: 12 pm
Dean Chahim (Anthropology): "Draining the Infinite Metropolis: Engineering and the Banality of Disaster in Mexico City"
Anna Toledano (History): "Transkribus & 18th-c. Spanish Natural History Texts: Training a New Handwriting-Recognition Model"
Amy Johnson (Sociology): "From Deviance to Diagnosis: Cultural Meanings of Mental Health in the News Media"
Benjamin Ory (Music): “The 1520s Project: Bridging the Stylistic Gap with Digital Musical Scores”

Panel III: 1 pm
Annika Butler-Wall (Modern Thought and Literature): "Gender and Labor in the Digital Age"
Victoria Zurita (Comparative Literature): "Insurgent Aestheticisms: fashioning individuals and communities in fin-de-siècle France and Spanish America"
Laura Menéndez Gorina (Iberian and Latin American Cultures): "From Houses to Ruins: Narratives of Homes in Modern Barcelona and Havana"
Maciej Kurzynski (East Asian Languages and Cultures): "Negotiating the Nation-State: Affects and Vocabularies in the Literature of the People’s Republic of China"

Undergraduate Presentations: 2 pm
Mitchell Garmany: Josquin Research Project
Hailee Heinrich & Lauren Selden: Medieval Networks of Memory, Text Technologies
Umar Patel: Mapping Geographical Knowledge in the Modern Middle East
Tasha Johnson & Regina Ta: Fanfiction, Literary Lab

Virtual Reception: 2:30 - 3:30 pm

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