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Lightning Talks with CIDR

March 2, 2021 - 12:00pm

Please join us for a virtual CIDR-CESTA lightning talk gathering. This is an informal event geared towards bringing together researchers working on DH projects to allow them to share ideas and challenges and to gather feedback and insights from peers. Short presentations on work-in-progress will be followed by open discussion. Join the virtual gathering via Zoom.

This session will feature the following:

Dr. Christina Hodge, Academic Curator and Collections Manager, Stanford University Archaeology Collections
Women in Provenance: Pilot Planning
The presentation will introduce the Women in Provenance Project, which aims to intertwine object and personal biography to more accurately gender the formation of the Stanford University Archaeology Collections. We plan to assemble biographical data found within provenance information, augmented via research. The project is brand new. I'm seeking input on models and methods, friendly expertise, and generally anything to help get us off the ground with a well-conceived pilot project.

Maciej Kurzynski, 4th year PhD candidate, East Asian Languages and Cultures
On the Technology of the Sublime in Modern Chinese Narratives
In my paper I shed light on what I call the “technology of the sublime,” which is a narrative mechanism that organizes topological leaps between the sublime and other topics in the narrative space. Using topic modeling in tandem with network analysis, I read two modern Chinese novels: Second Sun by Liu Baiyu (1987) and Soul Mountain by Gao Xingjian (1990) and reveal how their authors avail themselves of the sublime in order to make performative statements about the world.

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