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Recorded Talks

October 19, 2021: Kat Reischl on Soviet Illustrated Periodicals as Data

October 12, 2021: Panel on Navigating the Faculty Job Market with DH

October 5, 2021: Eric Harvey on the Use of Data in Conceptualizing Hebrew Psalms Literature

May 18, 2021: Therapy Texts

May 11, 2021: Counting Images: Creating a Database of Black Characters from Imperial Rio de Janeiro's Illustrated Press

May 4, 2021: OpenGulf: Creating Digital Research Infrastructures for Gulf Studies"

January 12, 2021: Digital Rasanblaj: Disassembling the Haitian Archive

November 3rd 2020, Discorrelation, or: Images between Algorithms and Aesthetics

October 20th: Modeling Mesoamerica, Origins + Opportunity in Teaching the Digital Archives

October 6th 2020, Distant Reading the Law: Exploratory Analyses of a German Corpus of Law Exams

September 22, Eshel, "Poetic Media Lab: A Digital Humanities Hub"

April 21, Algee-Hewitt, "The Afterlife of Aesthetics"

May 5th, Favino, "Mapping Galileo’s Legacy: The ‘Borelli Galaxy’ Project"

May 12th, Albritton, "Manuscript Fragments in the Stanford Collections: Digital Afterlives"

May 19th 2020, Saldaña, 'The Rio Grande Settlers: A Family History, 1577–1848'

June 2nd 2020, Midura & Kim, "The Traveler’s Companion: International Currency & Mileage Conversion, 1550-1650"

May 26th 2020, Stanford Literary Lab, 'Writing and Epidemic'