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Reflections on the Digital Humanities

The Digital Humanities has existed as an institutionalized field of research at Stanford for now more than a decade, drawing undergraduates, graduate students, and researchers from around the globe. This series, a collaboration between Arcade and CESTA, spotlights leading research in the digital humanities at Stanford, and asks key contributors to reflect on the expansion of the field, its culture, and the major misconceptions that remain.

This series is lead by questions like: why has this field sparked so much public engagement in its projects and debates? How has the digital humanities changed what it means to be a more “traditional” humanist? And how is the field engaging new developments in technology like artificial intelligence?

Charlotte Lindemann (PhD Candidate in English, and editor of Interventions section at Stanford Arcade) conducts the interviews and edits them for publication.

(Image for series by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy. Graphic design by Sheena Lai.)