The CESTA 2020-2021 Anthology is online!

It is our pleasure to announce the publication of the 2020-2021 CESTA Anthology.

We at CESTA take special pride in our Undergraduate Research Internship program, through which humanities faculty and senior researchers work on collaborative project teams with students from all across campus. We are grateful that, despite the pandemic, these transgenerational collaborations have continued to thrive—as reflected in this year’s CESTA Anthology, which describes our research projects from the point of view of our 2021 undergraduate students.

Our undergraduate researchers faced unique challenges during this time of uncertainty. What was to be a Virtual Summer of remote collaboration became a Virtual Year, and yet our students adapted and produced extraordinary work. In-person meetings this Autumn have been immensely touching, bringing together project members who had previously only worked together virtually. Although we were fortunate to be able to advance exciting research agendas on-screen, we missed the materiality of our human connections. The design of this year’s Anthology, centered on doodles, speaks to this craving for the inperson and the handmade—for engagement that takes place off-screen.

It’s hard to convey just how much effort, energy and creativity has gone into CESTA’s work this year. We are grateful for our resilient community of students and faculty, and also to the tremendous staff that sustained us in 2021: Amanda Wilson-Bergado, Daniel Bush and Erik Steiner, who were joined for the Internship program by graduate mentors. A team of graduates and postdocs worked tirelessly on this Anthology through the Autumn. More than ever we wish to thank the Dean of Research, the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, the H&S Dean’s Office, the Stanford Humanities Center, and our generous donors, all of whose support is critical to everything that we do. Please enjoy the pages that follow, which tell the story of what we do here at CESTA in our brilliant students’ words.


Giovanna Ceserani

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