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CESTA Welcomes 2018 Research Interns

Jul 2 2018


On June 25, CESTA welcomed a cohort of new and returning undergraduate Summer Research Interns who come from a variety of fields and interests.They will be working closely with faculty, researchers, and fellow students on projects that combine humanities and technology. Some of their project work will include: digitizing census data to uncover disparities in San Francisco, mapping of evictions worldwide, and uncovering the tracks laid by the nameless Chinese railroad workers in North America.

At CESTA we view the field of Digital Humanities as a common methodological outlook and a social undertaking between networks of people. Our community and projects could not succeed without the dedicated work of our Research Interns, making them an integral part of our network. In addition to exploring the field of digital humanities, our students will be trained to use modern research tools and methods, gain collaborative project experience, and cultivate the necessary skills for a data-driven future.

We look forward to growing our projects and further build our community with these incredible new additions.

For updates and insights on our program check us out on Twitter and Instagram @cesta_stanford. Links to these accounts can be found at the bottom of the page.