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Corpus Synodalium, directed by Rowan Dorin, is officially released

Jul 12 2021

We are thrilled to announce the official release of Corpus Synodalium. Directed by Rowan Dorin (Assistant Professor of History), Corpus Synodalium is an open-access online database of local ecclesiastical legislation from late medieval Europe.

Corpus Synodalium ( contains more than fourteen hundred texts, including nearly 90% of all extant diocesan statutes and provincial canons issued during the 13th and 14th centuries. The associated repertory contains roughly 2,300 entries for the period 1200-1500. This full-text database enables large-scale comparative analysis of this rich historical source base. Archived versions of the underlying files are preserved in the Stanford Digital Repository, with additional archiving via BodoArxiv. Further information on the scope, trajectory, and limitations of the project is provided on the project's Documentation page, and some helpful tutorials can be found here.

Prof. Dorin collaborated with numerous colleagues, students, staff members, and funders, including CESTA Undergraduate Research Interns Medina Husakovic, Clara Romani, Lauren Schlansky, and Claire Womack. The project team will continue updating and expanding the database and repertory over the months and years to come. Prof. Dorin welcomes feedback, additions, corrections, and transcriptions, as well as stories of resulting discoveries and publications of research that draws on it.


Explore Corpus Synodalium


View articles that draw on this repertory:

Dorin, Rowan. “The Bishop as Lawmaker in Late Medieval Europe," Past & Present, 2021.

Dorin, Rowan. “‘Once the Jews Have Been Expelled’: Intent and Interpretation in Late Medieval Canon Law." Law and History Review 34, no. 2 (2016)