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Intern Spotlight: Emily Elott

Jul 31 2018


Emily Elott


Emily Elott is a rising junior majoring in English and minoring in Computer Science. Interested in how computer science can be applied to questions about literature, Emily first learned about her project, from Alice Staveley, a professor in the English department, when she took a course on contemporary British fiction. 

On her project the Modernist Archives Publishing Project , she is currently combining her coding skills with her English brain to create visualizations of data on who purchased books from Virginia Woolf’s personal printing press, the Hogarth Press. This has involved much finagling with Google Sheets, Javascript, and Tableau.

Working on this project, she has been able to examine that particularly in English study there tends to be a focus on formalism, only what’s in the text itself, but there’s a building energy around the idea that book publishing is foundational to literary analysis.

She is really interested in using these skills that she has developed to pursue her own research questions about literary perspectives in the future. Outside of CESTA, Emily enjoys cooking, drinking almost all varieties of caffeinated beverages, playing soccer, and reading.