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Intern Spotlight: Irene Han

Aug 8 2018


Irene Han is a rising sophomore and prospective Computer Science + English major. This summer, she is working on the Global Medieval Sourcebook (GMS) project — a dynamic portal to the Middle Ages. Their online repository brings together never before translated collections of texts dating from the sixth to the sixteenth century and originating from Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

She was initially drawn to CESTA because she sought a community of students who shared her interest in the intersection of humanities and technology. Currently, Irene is working to improve the design and functionalities of the GMS website — a task which involves her interests in literature and visual arts, while simultaneously, through the encoding of texts, strengthening her programming skill-set.

Working on this project has opened her eyes to how technology can expand the accessibility of information for scholars, students, and researchers; she has also realized how difficult it can be to design a web-interface that can speak to diverse audiences. Outside of CESTA, Irene enjoys early mornings, running the Dish, and farmer’s markets.