New in CESTA: DH Book Collection

Photo of CESTA bookshelf with books like Data Feminism and Distant Horizons

Photo of CESTA bookshelf by Alix Keener

Alix Keener

The next time you stop by CESTA, take a look at the bookshelves across from our coffee station: you'll see a newly refreshed collection of DH reference titles for your enjoyment while in the center, as well as a growing collection of faculty/CESTA affiliate books. We have both old and new titles on a diverse range of topics--thanks to input from CESTA staff and graduate and undergraduate students--from Berry's Understanding Digital Humanities, D'Ignazio and Klein's Data Feminism, Drucker's The Digital Humanities Coursebook, Risam's The Digital Black Atlantic, and lots more.

If it's been a while since you visited, we have also added a new cozy reading nook with plenty of comfortable chairs and lamps in the back area of CESTA. It's the perfect spot to kick back or take a break from your day to peruse some digital humanities literature. We hope to see you enjoying these books in CESTA soon!