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RA Spotlight: Emilia, Christina, and Angela

Apr 18 2019

Below is the next of our Intern Spotlights series!Check out three more of our wonderful interns: Emilia, Angela, and Christina!


Emilia is a sophomore potentially majoring in History and minoring in Computer Science. She is working to build a digital accompaniment for the Our Dark Materials exhibit currently on display in the Stanford Archaeology Center. The exhibit, curated by students, features items salvaged from the 1906 earthquake and spotlights the everyday life and death of ordinary Egyptians

Emilia is most excited about digital humanities research because of the opportunities it provides for collaboration between what are traditionally classified as scientists and humanists. She hopes to bridge her own joint interests in computer science and history through her work at CESTA. When she’s not at CESTA, you can catch Emilia whiffing groundstrokes on the tennis court or walking around campus (because her bike is always broken).

Christina Ding is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. At CESTA, she is involved in the Josquin Research Project to digitize music and discern patterns among pieces, composers, and periods. One of her roles in this project is using C++ to parse through the dataset of Renaissance-era music to analyze the evolution of different musical concepts.

Christina has a background in music performance and composition. Currently, she is planning on pursuing a career in tech, so finding the intersection between the two fields has been a focus of hers. What she enjoys most about doing research at CESTA is having the opportunity to work closely with faculty and utilize her technical skills on initiatives involving the arts and humanities. Aside from these interests, she loves learning about East Asian aesthetics and culture and plans on minoring in East Asian Studies.



Angela loves reading, especially Karl Ove Knausgaard and Hemingway, and is exuberantly anticipating her first read of a Murakami novel. You can catch her in many places on campus, but expect to see her at the Anderson collection jotting down thoughts between the Pollock and Rothko, lounging in the sun with her Stanford Concert Network family, discussing world politics with close friends at Coupa, or listening to music on her exceptionally smooth and powerful speakers (that she loves very, very much).

Angela has always been interested in the intersection between tech and humanities. She’s considering a career in the growing field, perhaps working at the forefront of the industry, using tech to expand and enhance interaction with the arts. For Angela, CESTA is a perfect stepping stone into this vast world waiting ahead.

From the writer’s desk
I’m Arianna Togelang, a freshman majoring in Management Science & Engineering. As the Communications Intern here at CESTA, I chalk up lists, interview researchers, and investigate new ways to make CESTA an even more vibrant space. I’m incredibly excited to be here and engage with all the different projects, people, and technologies at play in the Center!