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RA Spotlight: Emma, Khuyen, and Arianna

Mar 8 2019

Welcome to another Intern Spotlights blog! Below are a few more research assistants we would love to introduce to you!

Emma Grover is a junior majoring in Classics. She is studying Latin and Ancient Greek, and minoring in Medieval Studies. Currently, she is working on a project called Familiar Difference: Science, Faith, and Empathy in the Early Modern Mediterranean, 1650-1730. The project is part of phD candidate Duygu Yildrim’s dissertation.

For Emma, the project means being able to “contribute to such cutting-edge digital research and methods using a very low-tech old school skill set.” She is currently examining the transmission and dispersal of Islamic manuscripts through Western Europe. As a Latinist, her role involves the the translation of library catalogs, which will then be placed into visualization tools.

Working on this project has helped Emma grow more aware of the texts being produced in terms of organizational systems. She says, “We’re so used to having a standard organization system of library catalog numbers, like the Dewey Decimal System. I never thought about the sort of thinking that goes into creating these organizational systems.” Emma enjoys thinking about the underpinning ideas catalog systems. She says, “I never realized how much you can tell about cultural interaction from its organization.”

Khuyen is a sophomore majoring in Symbolic Systems (Cognitive Science track) and Comparative Literature. Khuyen is currently working on the project Modernist Archives Publishing Project (MAPP) under the supervision of Prof. Alice Staveley. MAPP aims to create a digital archive of early twentieth-century publishers, beginning with archiving Leonard and Virginia’s Woolf’s Hogarth Press. Khuyen’s responsibility within the project currently consists of transcribing details in the order books to a format that can be digitally analyzed.

Khuyen’s personal interests include thinking and learning about literature, especially speculative fiction and fantasy, and philosophy in these genres. Khuyen also likes thinking about the interaction between psychology, linguistics, languages, literature and culture. Khuyen’s free time is spent writing and reading books, watching movies, and doing photography. On campus, Khuyen is heavily involved in theater and is a member of the Asian American Theater Project and Stanford Shakespeare Company. Fun facts: Khuyen is a big fan of Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, and Teen Titans (the original series).

Arianna Togelang is a first-year at Stanford planning to major in Management Science & Engineering. As the Communications Intern, she manages outreach channels, operations, and community building within the research center. At the center, you can always catch her chalking up lists, interviewing fellow researchers, and investigating new ways to make CESTA an even more vibrant space!

Fascinated by the role technology plays in changing how we understand past and present, she was drawn by CESTA’s interdisciplinary lens of questioning of the world. As a Communications Intern this year, she is incredibly excited for the opportunity engage with all the different projects, people, and technologies at play in the Center.

Arianna hopes to use this understanding of how interdisciplinary research methodologies to someday develop solutions to contemporary social issues, particularly in the social entrepreneurship and policy space. Outside of CESTA, Arianna enjoys exploring new cafes around the area, playing badminton, and meeting new people.

From the writer’s desk

I’m Arianna Togelang, a freshman majoring in Management Science & Engineering. I’m working here at CESTA as the Communications Intern, which involves chalking up lists, interviewing researchers, and investigating new ways to make CESTA an even more vibrant space.  I’m extraordinarily excited to be here and engage with all the different projects, people, and technologies at play in the Center!