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RA Spotlights: Shiyu Huang, Jerold Yu, Claire Womack, and Alyssa Vann

Aug 14 2017
Every Monday, we will be introducing a few of our CESTA Summer Research Assistants and their projects. This week’s spotlights are on Shiyu Huang, Jerold Yu, Claire Womack, and Alyssa Vann.
Shiyu Huang

Shiyu is a coterm student in Computer Science. She is working on the project "Mapping Taiwan's Environmental Complaints" under Dr. Jennifer Hsieh. Shiyu is mainly responsible for data analysis and visualization of the different environmental complaints in Taiwan, with a focus on noise pollution complaints in Taipei. Later on, she will also be working to create an interactive online map to summarize and present the research findings. Shiyu is excited about working at CESTA to explore the intersection between computer science and the humanities. During her free time, Shiyu likes to read manga and play the flute.
Jerold Yu

Jerold Yu (he/him pronouns) is a rising third-year undergraduate from San Francisco, CA, studying Mathematical and Computational Science. He is currently working with Professor Ocean Howell on the Imagined San Francisco project, an interactive website that visualizes unrealized plans of San Francisco through maps, plans, drawings, and photographs. Some of Jerold’s responsibilities as a Research Assistant include collecting georeferencing historical maps and developing the project website.

CESTA presented a unique opportunity for Jerold to continue developing his technical skills while staying rooted in his community-based work on housing in San Francisco. He is excited by the idea of making a tangible impact in his community through tech, and is glad to be surrounded by like-minded individuals at CESTA.
In his free time, Jerold enjoys rock climbing, running, doing yoga, watching sports (go Warriors and (SF) Giants!), and trying new things. Since Jerold is bad at coming up with fun facts for himself, his go-to fun fact is that he has a triple-jointed thumb that he can move in interesting ways.
Claire Womack

Claire Womack is a rising sophomore expecting to declare a major in Product Design with a possible minor in either History or Art History. She has enjoyed getting back in touch with history this summer as well as Latin as part of Professor Rowan Dorin's Medieval Law and Resistance Project by transcribing Latin documents and georeferencing maps of medieval European dioceses. Claire was originally drawn to CESTA by the possibilities for creative integration of humanities and technology, especially working on a project that's new to CESTA. When she's not at the office or biking around campus libraries searching for lost maps of Italy, you can find her on a run, painting, or exercising horses at the Stanford Red Barn. 
Alyssa Vann

Alyssa Vann is a coterminal student. Her undergraduate major is in Comparative Literature with a focus on the Caribbean, and her masters is in Computer Science with a focus on Information Management and Analysis. She is working on the Lacuna Stories platform and on the Tracing Arctic Regions project. For Lacuna Stories, she is part of a team classifying students' annotations to provide more feedback to students and teachers. As part of the Tracing Arctic Regions project, Alyssa is creating a website to interactively display William Bradford's photos and journey along the coast of Greenland. Alyssa is excited to be a part of the CESTA community combining her interests in literature and Computer Science. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, reading, and spending time with family and friends. 






From the writer’s desk
I’m Huanvy Phan, a rising sophomore majoring in Asian American Studies and Philosophy. I’m working as a Communications Assistant this summer, which involves helping with the day-to-day intercommunications between the RAs and managing this blog. I’m beyond thrilled to be working with CESTA and I’m eager to dive into the world of digital humanities.