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Jul 11 2018 | Posted In: Blog
On Monday, the David Rumsey Map Center hosted our interns for a special session. There, cartographic technology specialist Deardra Fuzzell framed the center’s collection as a “combination of science, sociology, rhetoric, and art.” Library staff highlighted some of the amazing technology of the...
Jul 9 2018 | Posted In: Student Spotlight
Jul 6 2018 | Posted In: Student Spotlight
Christopher Tan Chris Tan is a rising sophomore majoring in Computer Science, with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence. He is passionate about the environment and social justice, and intends to use his skills and knowledge to realize a more equitable and sustainable society. In his free time...
Jul 2 2018 | Posted In: Announcements
Jun 11 2018 | Posted In: Student Spotlight
Continuing our showcase of incredible undergraduate research assistants at CESTA, today, we invite you to meet three more members of the team: Cathy Yang, Dylan Bedford, Tiffany Zhu.