Welcome, Daniela Perez!

Daniela Perez

Over the summer, CESTA was delighted to add a new member to our team: Daniela Perez, Office Management Intern. Daniela joins us courtesy of the Peninsula Bridge program, and she has quickly made herself indispensable. Throughout the summer internship program, she was a constant positive presence, who helped us keep our open workspace tidy during the active, full-time presence of two-dozen undergraduate research interns, refresh our space with new peripherals and furniture, stock up on long-depleted supplies, implement a new inventory management system, and generally beautify our space. Stop by and see for yourself: Our plants have never been happier.

Daniela comes to us from San Francisco State University where she is majoring in Women and Gender Studies and pursing countless other ambitions. This semester is, in her words, "light," meaning that she's only taking five classes and working two jobs. Born and raised in Redwood City, Daniela is a first-generation Mexican American student with a passion for museums, Bay area history, gardening,  and cooking. She's an exceptional baker, of which we are all the beneficiaries.

We hope you'll stop by during her hours -- Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. -- to welcome Daniela and enjoy any lovely baked goods that might find their way to CESTA. And should you need any assistance ordering CESTA-related equipment, securing a Zoom link for an event, or reserving space, please don't hesitate to send her a message at perezd20 [at] (perezd20[at]stanford[dot]edu). We're honored to have you, Daniela!