Elaine Lai

Religious Studies
Project Title
Heat Map of the Tantra Sun

Tantra of the Sun is the title of a Buddhist scripture from around the 13th century that was cited in an important corpus of texts called Heart Essence of the Dakini, and its commentary, titled, Quintessence of the Dakini. My project aims to create a “heat map” where every citational reference to Tantra of the Sun will “light up” (i.e., be highlighted by some color) in the collections Heart Essence of the Dakini and Quintessence of the Dakini. Clicking on the sections of these texts that “light up” will lead us to the portions of Tantra of the Sun that are being cited. The heat map gives us a visual reference for how one text—Tantra of the Sun—moves through time in this corresponding body of literature, and also traces what parts of Tantra of the Sun are being cited the most.