Headshot of Mae Velloso-Lyons

Mae Velloso-Lyons

CESTA Project Manager and Consultant
CESTA Program Manager and Research Liaison (2021-22)
CESTA Digital Humanities Graduate Fellow (2017-18)
Project Lead, Global Medieval Sourcebook

Mae Velloso-Lyons is Senior Associate Director for Publishing at the Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry.

Mae Velloso-Lyons is the project manager of A World Made by Travel, a major forthcoming publication from the Grand Tour project. In prior roles at CESTA, she managed the production of the 2021 and 2022 CESTA Research Anthologies, co-directed the Digital Humanities Graduate Fellowship in 2021-22, ran CESTA's communications, and produced a popular events series on digital humanities careers. She holds a PhD in Comparative Literature (Stanford, 2022) and is the editor of the Global Medieval Sourcebook.



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