Matthew Randolph

Project Title
Archibald Grimké in Santo Domingo: Race, Travel, and Diplomacy in the Dominican Republic, 1894-1898

This digital project builds upon two years of research collaborations connecting Stanford's History Department with historians and archivists at Howard University in Washington, D.C. We have reviewed, digitized, and transcribed more than 100 documents from Howard's archives between African American intellectual and diplomat Archibald Grimké and his family in Washington, D.C. (particularly his then teenage daughter Angelina) as well as Grimké’s correspondence with Dominican leaders and U.S. State Department officials. The project will explore how an analysis of language and attention to spatiality/temporality in African-American intellectual Archibald Grimké's correspondence can help illuminate how he experienced and conceptualized his own Black identity and the workings of race broadly while in the Dominican Republic.