Our Team

Faculty Leadership

  • Associate Professor of Classics
  • Faculty Director
  • Project Lead, Grand Tour Project
  • Project Lead, Mapping Republic of Letters
  • Associate Professor of English
  • Faculty Advisory Board
  • Director of the Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities
  • Director of the Literary Lab
  • Assistant Professor of History
  • Faculty Advisory Board
  • Project Director, Open Gulf
  • Edward Clark Crossett Professor of Humanistic Studies
  • Faculty Advisory Board
  • Director, Poetic Media Lab
  • Project Lead, Poetic Thinking
  • Associate Professor of History
  • Faculty Advisory Board
  • Project Lead, Panic and Pandemic in Early Modern Europe


Research and Operations Staff

Dr Will Fenton

  • Digital Scholarship Coordinator, CESTA
  • Co-Director, Spatial History Project
  • Project Manager and Communications Consultant, CESTA
  • Project Lead, Global Medieval Sourcebook

Student and Postdoctoral Staff

  • Graduate Student in Classics
  • Communications Coordinator, CESTA
  • Graduate Student in Classics
  • Graduate Technical Mentor, URI Program, CESTA
  • Graduate Fellow, CESTA (2021-22)

Administrative Support from the Stanford Humanities Center

  • SHC Research Workshops Program Manager