Sierra Nota

Graduate Student in History
CESTA Digital Humanities Graduate Fellow (2022-23)
Project Title
The Many Lives of Mezhyhirya: Political and Property Regime in Ukraine, 1786-2014

My overall research analyzes how successive occupying powers, including the Tsarist Empire, the Soviet Regime, the Nazi apparatus of the Reichskommissariat Ukraine, and the first generation of post-Soviet politicians, expressed their right to own, destroy, and use state property through the lens of ‘Mezhyhirya’, a parcel of land near Kyiv, Ukraine. In this project, I plan to use GIS to extract data from dozens of historical maps of the Kyiv region. My end goal is to create a series of analytical maps and charts that demonstrate previously undocumented changes in the built environment and natural landscape of this reserve over time, particularly in the wake of imperial policy changes.