Undergraduate Research Interns

2019 Research Interns
Photo featuring Winter/Spring 2019 CESTA Resident Assistants: (Front, L-R): Cathy Yang, Kate Ham, Haley Hodge, Arianna Togelang. (Middle, L-R): Terence Zhao, Isabela David Rodrigues, Katie Lan, Zuyi Zhao, David Mollencamp, Jonathan Morales. (Back, L-R): Mary Markley, Regina Kong, Sean Lee, Lily Nilipour, Angela Black, Emma Grover, Vincent Nicandro. Not pictured: Gabriel Saiz, Benjamin Maldonado, Roshii Montano, Cathy Yang, Liliana Taylor, Victoria Ding, Emily Elott, Khuyen Le, Peter Morgan, Elizabeth Lindqwister, Emilia Porubcin, Stephanie Niu, Ashwin Ramaswami, Arjun Karanam, Christina Ding, Ada Zhou, Ji Hun Wang, Lauren Schlansky. Photo credit: Brian Kersey

Our internship program places dozens of students every year onto faculty-led research projects, offering genuine research experience and training in digital humanities methods and approaches.

Interns engage in all phases of the research process, from planning and data collection, through analysis and modeling, to visualization and publication. While faculty provide initial research questions and data sources, interns are active participants in research design, challenging assumptions, suggesting alternative approaches, and posing new hypotheses.

Dedicated graduate mentors accompany our interns throughout the program and our alumni go on to use the skills they’ve learned at CESTA in their personal, academic, and professional pursuits.

Get to know some of our recent cohorts:

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