Publication Year Title Authors Venue/Publisher Methods and Approaches
2023 “Not a Word Was Said Ever Again”: Silence and Speech in Women’s Oral History Accounts of Sexual Harassment Estelle Freedman Computational text analysis, Digital collection
2022 "The Josquin canon at 500: with an appendix produced in collaboration with Joshua Rifkin" Jesse Rodin Early Music (forthcoming) Data visualization
2022 AI in the Research Library Environment Catherine Nicole Coleman and Michael A. Keller Digital collection, Machine learning
2022 Perceptions of Medieval Manuscripts: The Phenomenal Book Elaine Treharne DH metacriticism, Digital collection, Digital edition, Digital reading/viewing environment, Digitization
2022 Subjectivity and Discoverability: An Exploration with Images Catherine Nicole Coleman, Claudia Engel, and Hilary Thorsen Digital collection, Machine learning
2022 “Corpus Synodalium: Medieval Canon Law in the Digital Age” Rowan Dorin Corpus construction, Digital tool creation
2022 “Looking as from a Distance on the World”: Poetic Epistemologies of the Long Eighteenth Century Mark Algee-Hewitt Quantitative analysis
2021 "Corpus Synodalium: Local Ecclesiastical Legislation in Medieval Europe" Rowan Dorin Digital edition, Digital collection
2021 "Digital Atlas of Medieval Dioceses and Ecclesiastical Provinces (1200-1500)" Rowan Dorin, Clara Romani Digital mapping
2021 "Slavery, the End of Slavery, and the Intensification of Work in the French Soudan, 1883-1912" Richard Roberts African Economic History (vol. 49, no. 1) Data visualization, Quantitative analysis, Spatial history
2021 "The Global Medieval Sourcebook: Creating a Sustainable Digital Anthology of Medieval Texts and Translation" Kathryn Starkey, Quinn Dombrowski, Mae Velloso-Lyons seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies (vol. 57, no. 3) DH metacriticism, Digital collection, Digital edition, Digital reading/viewing environment
2021 "The Registers of Slave Liberation in Colonial Senegal: Preliminary Analysis of the Evidence from 1894 to 1903" Richard Roberts, Joshua Goodwin, Erica Ivins, Rebecca Wall Slaveries & Post-Slaveries (vol. 5) Data visualization, Quantitative analysis
2021 Models of Argument-Driven Digital History: Where is America in the Republic of Letters? Caroline Winterer Networks
2021 Nationalizing Nature: Iguazu Falls and National Parks at the Brazil-Argentina Border, Vol. 122 Frederico Freitas Cambridge University Press Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Data visualization
2021 Paper Trails: The US Post and the Making of the American West Cameron Blevins Oxford University Press Networks, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Digital mapping, Data visualization
2021 Spatial Genealogies: Mobility, Settlement, and Empire-Building in the Brazilian Backlands, 1650–1800 Leonardo Barleta Networks, Spatial history
2021 Your Computer Is on Fire Thomas S Mullaney, Benjamin Peters, Mar Hicks, and Kavita Philip MIT Press
2021 “The Bishop as Lawmaker in Late Medieval Europe” Rowan Dorin Computational text analysis, Corpus construction
2020 "Introduction- With a Letter in Hand: Writing, Communication, and Representation in Renaissance Italy" Paula Findlen Routledge Networks, Network analysis
2020 "Kircher's Bohemia: Jesuit Networks and Habsburg Patronage in the Seventeenth Century" Paula Findlen, Iva Lelkovà and Suzanne Sutherland Erudition and the Republic of Letters (vol. 5, no. 2) Data visualization, Network analysis, Networks, Quantitative analysis