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Core Labs

CESTA's core research groups investigate texts, places, social networks, historical trends, and more.

Encompassing the most significant subfields of digital humanities — including text mining, geospatial imaging, digital pedagogy, social network analysis, and media archaeology — CESTA's central labs provide the stable nucleus for the Center's research endeavors.

Each of the core research groups is home to multiple smaller projects. These projects, which may last anywhere from a few months to several years, result in print or digital publications, new tools or databases, course offerings, and more ...

Producing new modes of design thinking to serve data-driven humanities research.

Analyzing literary texts by quantitative means.

Building creative platforms that promote new modes of research, teaching, and learning.

Advancing research in the humanities through spatial, textual, and visual analysis.

Investigating the long history of human communication.

Reconstructing the lives and labor of Chinese migrant workers.