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Student Projects

Through the DH Fellows program, graduate students produce original research projects.

Graduate Digital Humanities Fellows at CESTA work on projects in their area of academic interest over the course of a year, learning best practices of data curation, analysis, and sharing. Drawing upon specialized knowledge bases ranging from classical poetry to the contemporary discourse of the Anthropocene, these students produce durable, rigorous pieces of research that contribute to ongoing scholarly conversations.

An Aesthetics of Ice: William Bradford's Arctic Regions

Project Lead: George Philip LeBourdais

Charting the Discursive Envelopes of the Anthropogenic

Project Lead: David Stentiford

Chechen Refugees Between the Ottoman and Russian Empires, 1866-1871

Project Lead: Vladimir Hamed-Troyansky

Mapping the German Cultural Sphere: A Digital Network Analysis of Siegfried Unseld's Travel Notes

Project Lead: Jens Pohlmann

Navigating the Archive of Helen and Newton Harrison

Project Lead: Laura C. Rogers

Networks of Capital in Ottoman Amman, 1890-1908

Project Lead: Vladimir Hamed-Troyansky

People, Ships, and the Sea: Seafaring in the Eastern Mediterranean, c. 1600 BCE to c. 50 BCE

Project Lead: Anja Krieger

The Poetics of Style in the Shield of Heracles

Project Lead: Stephen Sansom