Interactive Nolli Map Website of Rome

The goal of this project is to revitalize, preserve, and assure universal open access to the Interactive Nolli Map Website, a pioneering but nearly 15-year-old website that is reaching its end of life.

The “Nolli Map”—a highly accurate ichnographic plan (as opposed to a bird’s eye perspective typical of earlier representations)— was a milestone in the art and science of cartography, and a touchstone for Roman and urban studies and a prototype for the study of spatial history. Today, advances in geospatial web technology bring new opportunities to reinvigorate this important resource. We are developing a new site that features a redesigned user interface and interactive map consistent with current web design, coding, and accessibility standards. We are transforming the graphical presentation of the map into a geospatial web app, allowing us to overlay a trove of already georeferenced data spanning from antiquity to modern days. Included in this is a renewed effort to digitize the outlines of some 1320 historic building plans, develop richer metadata records, and link them to open data authorities.

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The Interactive Nolli Map Website of Rome is affiliated with the Spatial History Project.