Land Talk

The scope of climate change makes it seem too enormous to be perceived at the local scale. But over time, anyone familiar with a place notices change.

LandTalk is a crowd-sourced collection of reports of changing landscapes from across the globe. The website displays interviews by a younger person with older members of their community concerning a place they have known for at least 20 years. The project is based on the idea that humans experience, understand, and can best create change at the scale of landscapes or highly localized places. LandTalk attempts to reframe and broaden discussions of climate change to highlight the ongoing human and environmental changes that are observable in everyday places, such as one’s own backyard. We are currently developing an outreach effort, writing educational content, and extending the scope of the conversation format on the site to include a discussion about the future of the landscapes described. Through this effort, we hope to more deeply engage the imagination and perspective of younger people and stimulate more substantive exchange between generations.

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Land Talk is affiliated with the Spatial History Project.