Palladio is a visualization platform, currently under development, with an emphasis on data refining and linking. It combines a map view, node-link graph view, and multiple filters. 

The project is a product of the NEH implementation grant Networks in History: Data-driven tools for analyzing relationships across time. Our goal was to understand how to design graphical interfaces based on humanistic inquiry. We oriented the project around the development of a general-purpose suite of visualization and analytical tools based on the prototypes created for the Mapping the Republic of Letters project, which examines the scholarly communities and networks of knowledge during the period 1500-1800.

We developed several prototype visualizations in an attempt to match graphical interfaces to humanistic methods, finally arriving at the integrated application Palladio. Palladio is a tool for reflective practice. It is an environment that supports thinking through data.

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Palladio is a project of Humanities + Design.