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Spatial History Project

Our projects are collaborative, use visualization, are open-ended, and have a conceptual focus on space and time. Our lab structure and culture is specifically designed to support iterative and exploratory processes where new questions and challenges arise – the substance of which is often the most fruitful outcome of our exchanges.

Two visualizations mapping spaces mentioned in a novel set in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

We promote creative thinking and problem solving on technical, conceptual, and intellectual challenges – from applying existing technology in new ways, to developing custom tools and solutions, to designing media-rich and data-driven forms of scholarly publishing. We embrace visualization and data analysis not simply as a way to illustrate conclusions, but a means of doing research; and thus experiment with methods that draw from both scientific and humanistic traditions.

We participate in a wide range of Stanford-based, national and international partnerships that share a similar vision for doing scholarship. We have a strong emphasis on student involvement in research and build our collaborative teams with the view that students and researchers will both operate with a high degree of technical and intellectual agility.

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