Transparency and Racial Equity in Public Corporations

The Stanford Center for Racial Justice (SCRJ) is conducting research into large U.S. corporations’ efforts to advance racial equity, including collecting data about those efforts and producing reports to promote transparency and dialogue about the public policy issues surrounding the advancement of racial equity and racial justice in the private sector of our U.S. economy. We have three related needs around a specific type of data set common to large companies. That data set is contained in reports, known as EEO-1 reports, that each company must file with the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission that reflect the racial, ethnic, and gender demographic details of the company’s workforce across all levels of the company. We would like to explore the development of an automated search algorithm to search corporate websites to identify, collect and store EEO-1 reports, resulting in a data set of EEO-1 reports for all public corporations that have disclosed the data. Then, we'd like to extract data from the EEO-1 reports into a computable format that can then be visualized. Finally, the goal is to identify various data visualizations and analyses that can provide meaningful insights about the workforce demographics by race, ethnicity, gender, and job level across different slices of the data set.