CESTA Undergraduate Research Showcase


Who we are

CESTA is an internationally renowned digital humanities center based in Wallenberg Hall at Stanford University. We are a diverse community of faculty, students, researchers, and practitioners. Through collaboration with partners across campus, across the Americas, and across the world, our research investigates pressing questions about human history, experience and endeavor. We explore places, global spaces, texts, textual artefacts, data visualization, digital curation, preservation and display, linked data and interoperability, and sustainability. As a scholarly community CESTA supports and encourages cutting-edge work across the humanities and the interpretative social sciences.


CESTA is committed to collaborative, open, inclusive, and ethical scholarship. We seek to set a standard for best practices in all our endeavors. We encourage experimentation, flexible thinking, and productive risk-taking in the pursuit of excellence in digital research. Through our major research projects, fellowship and assistantship programs, seminars, workshops and informal initiatives, CESTA is dedicated to nurturing, training and professionalizing scholars of the future from a variety of disciplines, who will learn how to ask and answer data-driven questions focused on cultural, environmental, historical, social, and textual issues.


CESTA’s expansion and growth to support this variety of new projects, research groups, events and training programs is possible thanks to the support of the Dean of Research (under which we operate), the Dean of Humanities & Sciences, the Office of the Provost as well as that of the President, the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, the Vice Provost for Graduate Education, and the Stanford Humanities Center, with which we have been officially partnered since 2019. In addition to the possibilities unlocked for us by internal and external grants, we are deeply grateful for the generous gifts of our donors.