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CESTA in Data

In 2021, during the pandemic and approaching CESTA’s tenth anniversary, we decided to take stock and apply our tradition of data visualization to telling the story of the first ten years of CESTA.

Below are a series of visualizations that show the engagement of undergraduates at CESTA as research interns on various projects. We realized that as many as 472 undergraduates interned at CESTA during this first decade! In the visualizations below, you'll get a better sense of this extraordinary student engagement in CESTA research.

We worked on these visualizations as a team. We want to give credit to Amanda Wilson Bergado for the hard work of data collecting and cleaning, with contributions by Annie Lamar and Daniel Bush. These visualizations were realized in a collaboration between Carmen Zeng and Adrian Chin Quan, from the Design School at the University of Technology Sydney, and CESTA’s Humanities + Design lab. We are grateful to everyone who participated in their creation.

Data visualization of Number of CESTA undergraduate Students who have Interned ‘X’ Number of Times