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CESTA: Applying technologies across the Humanities and Social Sciences to enhance our understanding of the world

Stanford’s internationally-renowned Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis (CESTA) is a premier research Center in the Digital Humanities. It is a pioneering research hub, where we apply digital tools and methods to create new knowledge in interdisciplinary humanistic inquiry, changing our understanding of the world, and setting a standard for best practice in all our endeavors.

CESTA is open to all persons concerned with the study and teaching of Digital Humanities, in that field’s most capacious definition. Our Center welcomes researchers and interested participants from all walks of academic life, including, but not limited to, faculty and academic-related staff, postdoctoral fellows, graduates and undergraduates, independent scholars, and technological experts. We aim to encourage an environment of collegiality and collaboration, diversity, inclusion, and academic freedom for all participants.

Further, we explicitly affirm the right of students and junior faculty to receive supportive, professional mentoring that respects their intellectual freedom and personal integrity. We expect anyone coming to CESTA, or representing CESTA, to abide by and promote these values. We, like other organizations such as the Medieval Academy of America and the Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship, deplore unprofessional practices and unethical behavior and we shall not tolerate any form of harassment or abuse, so that together we may build a stronger, more welcoming, considerate, and equal community.

CESTA Statement of Ethics

Research Internships

Undergraduate Research Interns are at the heart of CESTA's community, working closely with Stanford faculty, staff, and researchers on humanistic and interdisciplinary projects.

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