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At CESTA, we use and critique digital tools and methods to create new knowledge in cross-disciplinary humanistic inquiry.


CESTA is a community of researchers committed to collaborative, open, inclusive, and ethical scholarship setting a standard for best practice in all our endeavors. We encourage experimentation, flexible thinking, and productive risk-taking in the pursuit of excellence in digital research. Through our major research projects, fellowship and assistantship programs, seminars, workshops and informal initiatives, CESTA cultivates the best work at the intersection of computing, design, and the humanities. We are dedicated to nurturing, training and professionalizing scholars of the future from all disciplines, who will learn how to ask and answer data-driven questions focused on cultural, environmental, historical, social, and textual issues.

Who we are

CESTA is an international digital humanities center based in Wallenberg Hall at Stanford University. Formalized in 2012, we have links to all disciplines at Stanford. Supported by the institution, the Dean of Research, the Dean of Humanities and Sciences, donors, and major grants, CESTA is at the vanguard of innovative and ground-breaking research.

Through collaboration with partners across campus, across America and across the world, CESTA investigates pressing questions about human history, experience and endeavor. We explore places, global spaces, texts, textual artefacts, data visualization, digital curation, preservation and display, linked data and interoperability, and sustainability. We support and encourage cutting-edge scholarship at the nexus of tradition and innovation, the theoretical and practical, and the historical and predictive.

CESTA pushes the boundaries of digital knowledge at Stanford and beyond, committed to excellence in dynamic research now, creating innovation for scholarship of the future.