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CESTA Student Programs

Researchers in CESTA
CESTA supports Stanford faculty and students pursuing research in the digital humanities

The Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis has developed a variety of programs to support a diverse range of digital humanities participants. Our offerings include major research projects, fellowship and assistantship programs, seminars, workshops, and informal initiatives, all designed to encourage risk-taking, flexibility, and the pursuit of excellence in scholarship and pedagogy.

Our investigation of pressing humanistic questions is grounded in the pathbreaking research of Stanford faculty members, to whom CESTA offers funding, project support, and research assistance from undergraduate students. Through such research internships, the Center provides crucial educational and training opportunities for Stanford students, forging connections between diverse disciplines and levels of academic expertise. CESTA is also deeply invested in nurturing and professionalizing graduate students, who learn at the Center how to ask and answer data-driven questions on humanistic and cultural issues. CESTA's ecosystem supports mutually beneficial collaborative scholarship, whether with Stanford affiliates or external collaborators, that leads to internationally renowned research projects of large-scale intellectual import. 

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