CESTA Digital Humanities Research Showcase 2022

Fri May 27th 2022, 8:30am - 3:00pm
CESTA (Wallenberg Hall, Bldg 160), Conference Room 433A.

This event is open to Stanford affiliates only. We hope you will join us in person at CESTA, but if you require a Zoom link, please write to m.velloso-lyons [at] stanford.edu.

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Every year, CESTA's Digital Humanities Graduate Fellowship supports graduate students and post-docs to produce original research using the tools and methods of the digital humanities. Join us to see the 2021-22 cohort of scholars present their research!


8:30–9:00 AM Light Breakfast and Coffee
9:00–9:15 AM Introductory Remarks
9:15–10:30 AM Panel One: Our Digital Present: Tools, Big Data, and Algorithms
  Annie Lamar (Classics): "Reading, Fast and Slow: The Impact of Digital Reading Tools on Ancient Language Learning"
  Iris Zhang (Sociology): "Municipal Annexations and the Changing Color Line"
  Hank Gerba (Art History): "Between Publics and Populations: On Complexity Theory’s Algorithmic Logics"
10:30–10:45 AM Coffee Break
10:45–12:00 PM Panel Two: New Data-Driven Perspectives on the Distant Past
  Dewei Shen (East Asian Studies): "How to Escape from Empire: A Possible Digital Humanities Solution"
  Brandon Bark (Classics): "Networks of Transmission: Visualizing Latin Literary Fragments and the Later Sources who Preserved Them"
  James Parkhouse (English) and Poojit Hegde: "Raiding the Wordhoard: Statistical Analysis of Recurring Alliterative Collocations in Old Norse Eddic Poetry"
12:00–1:15 PM Lunch Break and Poster Session by CESTA Undergraduate Research Interns
1:15–2:45 PM Panel Three: Tracing Culture in Language, 1850 to Now
  Zuza Leniarska (English): "Return to Realism? Comparing 19th- and 21st-Century Novel Forms"
  Carmen Thong (English) and Katherine Wang: "Encoding the Postcolonial in Place"
  Valentina Ramia (Anthropology): "Fear in the Archive: A Digital Analysis of Ethnographic Concepts in Immigration Judges' Decisions"
  Andrew Nelson (East Asian Languages and Cultures), Victor Cheruiyot and Sandi Khine: "Imperial Vocabulary: Public Political Discourse of the Japanese Diaspora, 1895-1935"
2:45–3:00 PM Concluding Remarks
3:00 PM onward Happy hour at Treehouse, Tresidder Student Union