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Introducing CESTA's 2024 Winter & Spring Undergraduate Research Interns

Introducing our Winter and Spring 2024 Undergraduate Research Interns, a community of digital humanities researchers. 

The Center for Textual and Spatial Analysis at Stanford runs undergraduate research internship programs in the winter, spring, and summer quarters.  Our undergraduate interns contribute to projects led by Stanford faculty, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars, while acquiring new skills through workshops and activities designed for the internship program. Our interns continue to advance digital humanities research and create a unique community of researchers at Wallenberg Hall. You can read below about our current cohort of interns and their work. This year's fully in-person program is supported by the program director and the graduate mentor:  Dr. Chloe Summers Edmondson, long-time affiliate with CESTA and Acting Assistant Professor in the French and Italian Department at Stanford, and JJ Lugardo, PhD student in Classics.

We’re grateful to the many campus partners who support our research and programs, including colleagues at Stanford University Libraries and the Stanford Humanities Center.  Our Undergraduate Research Internship program receives generous support from a VPUE Departmental Grant. Some projects and interns at CESTA are also supported by Changing Human Experience Grants, departmental funds, and faculty research funds.


Harviel Arcilla

Harviel Arcilla is a third-year undergraduate studying Computer and Data Science. He has prior research experience in Urban Studies and 5G communications. Aside from academics, Harviel enjoys taking walks, watching movies, and expanding his spoon collection.

Opportunities for Student and Teacher Learning in Context: Access to Advanced Secondary Content Expertise


Anabelle Colmenares

Anabelle Colmenares (she/her) is a junior in Computer Science. She's particularly passionate about issues related to race/ethnicity, gender, the LGBTQIA+ community, climate change, animal welfare, and any other issues that intersect those categories. She will be working on the Know Systemic Racism (KSR) project led by Felicia Smith. Outside of CESTA, Anabelle has worked at the Digital Civil Society Lab and the Gu Lab.Know Systemic Racism

Zelig Dov

Zelig Dov is a junior majoring in History and German Studies. His academic interests include memory of the Second World War in Germany and museum studies. He worked with Professor Penn on the Church of Baghdad project doing social network analysis of the figures mentioned in the letters of Timothy I, the ninth-century patriarch of the Church of the East.

Church of Baghdad



Emily Huang

Emily Huang is a junior double majoring in Psychology and English. She is interested in exploring the role of literature and other forms of storytelling in shaping empathy, self-compassion, and social cognition. In CESTA, she is working with Prof. Joel Cabrita on the “Visible Bodies” project to build an accessible archive of the personal work and documents of 20th century African writer Regina Twala. Outside of academics, Emilyenjoys playing drums with Stanford Taiko and dancing in XTRM.Visible Bodies
Zora HudsonZora Hudson is currently pursuing a double major in mathematics and English. She is interested in the intersection of math and the humanities, specifically in applying analytical tools to patterns in human behavior, history and text. In her free time, Zora enjoys playing tennis and writing.Archibald Grimké in Santo Domingo: Race, Travel, and Diplomacy in the Dominican Republic, 1894-1898

Shuvi Jha

Shuvi Jha is currently pursuing her BS and MS in Computer Science and working on a honors thesis exploring ghost work, the hidden labor that powers AI systems, through the Program in Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. She is interested in creatively and computationally analyzing the relationship between innovation & inequity, knowledge & power, particularly as it impacts gender-marginalized Brown folks in South Asia and BIPOC populations at large. She is excited to join the Heat Map of the Tantra Sun project and develop a visual reference of how powerful, religious texts move and transform through time. 

Heat Map of the Tantra Sun



Hayden Kim

Hayden Kim (they/them) is a senior majoring in Comparative Literature and Mathematics. For Comparative Literature, Hayden specializes in German political philosophy. They studied abroad in Oxford and took an intensive tutorial in modern German political philosophy for Spring, 2022. For Mathematics, Hayden is interested in the applications of linear algebra and differential equations in the context of scientific computing. Hayden has worked with CESTA since Winter, 2021. They have collaborated with three different feminist scholars at CESTA and learned the fundamentals of Data Feminism. For Winter/Spring 2024, Hayden will continue their work with Dr. Alice Staveley on the Modernist Archives Publishing Project (MAPP). Modernist Archives Publishing Project (MAPP)

Joshua Kim

Joshua Kim is a senior majoring in Symbolic Systems with a focus on decision making and rationality. He is passionate about exploring how we might leverage technological methodologies to deepen our analysis of both classical and modern literature. In his free time, Joshua enjoys playing ice hockey for the Stanford club ice hockey team.Iberian Placemaking: Lavapiés and El Raval

Grace Lee

Grace Lee is a sophomore majoring in English literature with minors in creative writing and history. She's excited to join Digital Humanities Graduate Fellow Junyi Tao to explore the emergent and shadowed voices in philosophical discourse. Outside of academics, Grace enjoys cooking with friends and making ceramics. Echoes and Silences: Tracing the Evolution of Philosophical Discourse in the Digital Epoch

Juliana Ma

Juliana Ma is a senior from Shanghai, China. She is majoring in Economics and minoring in Classics and German Studies. She is interested in studying ancient texts and artifacts with modern technology. Outside of school, she likes music and Formula One.Divine Prisons and Sacred Bindings: Late Ancient Aramaic Incantation Bowls

Abigail Matsumoto

Abigail Matsumoto is a senior from Honolulu, Hawai’i majoring in English with a minor in Digital Humanities. Outside of CESTA, she works at the Bowes Art & Architecture Library, is an editor for the Stanford Undergraduate Law Review, and plays the alto saxophone with the Stanford Band (LSJUMB).Early Cape Travellers

Khosiyat Oripova

I am Khosiyat Oripova, a junior from Tajikistan studying International Relations and History. My time as a research assistant at OpenGulf has developed my passion for pursuing a Ph.D. I hope to create and publish digital historical texts and contribute to projects with my language skills.



Sarah Sophie Schwarzhappel

Sarah Sophie Schwarzhappel is a junior majoring in Comparative Literature. Currently, she is interested in ecopoetry, and in connections between literature, philosophy, performance, visual art, and film. In the winter and spring of 2024, she will be assisting Professor Mark Algee-Hewitt with the project “Truth in Fiction: the Discourse of Embedded Scientific Facts in Climate Fiction.” Truth in Fiction: the Discourse of Embedded Scientific Facts in Climate Fiction

Parthav Shergill

Parthav is a junior majoring in Mathematical and Computational Science and minoring in Digital Humanities. His work focuses on applications of data science with social impact. In the past, he has worked on data science for healthcare technology, election science, and climate resilience. Currently, he is interested in using data science and digital technology to make museums more accessible and interactive. This winter and spring quarter, he will be working on the Ars Mercatoria project with Professor Helena Milton.Ars Mercatoria

Vernita Zhai

Vernita is a junior pursuing a major in Symbolic Systems alongside a minor in Art History. She is interested in continental philosophy, critical theory, film studies, the psychology of revolution, and, most recently, synthesizing aesthetic and phenomenological perspectives towards understanding the limits of current theorizing on human consciousness. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys both reading and writing fiction, attending concerts and musicals, frequenting museums, and (unsolicitedly) guessing people’s personality type.Senegalese Slave Liberations Project

Flora Yuan

Flora Yuan is a sophomore majoring in Data Science and minoring in Music. She is passionate about leveraging data to inform decisions and derive insights. In CESTA, she is working with Professor Estelle Freedman on the Oral History Text Analysis Project (OHTAP), which investigates how women in the U.S. during the twentieth century identified, remembered, interpreted, and responded to instances of sexual violence in oral histories collected since the 1970s. Outside of academics, Flora enjoys singing and reading.Oral History Text Analysis Project (OHTAP)